Mar 21, 2007

The Hill is alive, with the sound of hearings...

I did not make that GREAT line..I got it from this article over on Foreign which has this lovely, and I do mean lovely fact:

"As the Democrats approach their 100th day in control of Congress, one thing has already set them apart from their Republican predecessors: the large number of oversight hearings on issues relating to foreign and national security policy."

Isn't it like a breath of fresh air after having inhaled nothing but stale smoke filled air for 12 freaking years? Its a good read, if you want to be enlightened..please check it out my dear reader. It looks at whats been happening regarding the precious Oversight duties of our legislative branch and if we should expect any real changes. Take this for instance:

"Whether this surge in congressional oversight ultimately produces wiser policies and more effective implementation remains to be seen. While the constitutional arsenal of Congress is powerful, it has a limited ability to quickly reverse the course set upon by a determined president. Steps taken through the power of the purse and legislation are both blunt and subject to a presidential veto. But over time, an equally determined Congress can leverage public and expert opinion, initially through committee hearings but eventually through ever-stronger legislative steps, to bring about a change in course. Oversight, even more than direct legislation, is key to movement. Oversight keeps an administration on its toes; the lack of oversight, and the expectation that there will be none, leads to complacency, arrogance, and maladministration." least we got one thing going for our side..this administration can't sit on its arse and expect all their bullshit laws and sleazy amendments to go marching right through the halls of Congress. Not while the Dems are in charge anway.

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