Mar 13, 2007

Uncle Alberto holds a news conference..sort of..

Since the revelation that the Bush WH added a little power play to the Patriot Act which would allow him to appoint US Atty’s instead of going through the normal congressional approval process,Uncle Al Gonzalez has been taking some heat. Add to that the FBI screwup which is also splattering on Uncle Al, and you have a news conference scheduled within the hour..

Uncle Al even canceled a trip to enlighten the nation today..should be a goodie.

From Uncle Al’s lips today we hear the following..

Alberto is ‘going to look into it’ regarding the whys and wherefor’s of why the 8 US Atty’s were fired. His Chief of Staff has resigned over this ‘issue’…Uncle Al doesn’t know what exactly, was the criteria for deciding who should stay and who should go.

Uncle Al said he supports wholeheartedly the process of approving US Atty’s by the Congress..then one might ask..why did the WH push through that little addition to the Patriot Act which removed the oversight of Congress..hmmmm.

He wasn’t directly involved in the firing of the “Great 8″..he had delegated that duty to an underling..meaning his COS I assume. His COS was to drive the process..Uncle Al did use the word ‘mistake’ in describing the procedure for determing who was going to get the axe in the US Atty’s office.

He is fielding questions now..

Al is back pedaling his ass of now..stating there is a lack of communication between the Justice dept and the US Atty’s offices. There was a mistake in providing the fired Atty’s with the rationale for firing them.

Then Uncle Al said he stands by the decision to fire them all.

And hot footed it out of there….

The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes..lots of info given out there Al..ya fuckwit.

From MSNBC, we get this:

"I acknowledge that mistakes were made here. I accept that responsibility,"

"Obviously I am concerned about the fact that information — incomplete information was communicated or may have been communicated to the Congress," Gonzales said. "I believe very strongly in our obligation to ensure that when we provide information to the Congress, it is accurate and it is complete. And I very dismayed that that may not have occurred here."

“I stand by that decision and I think it was the right decision. Thank you very much,” he said at the end of the news conference, turned and briskly walked away.

I told ya..he damn near ran out of the place...

PS..that pic really screams for a photoshop don't ya think?

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