Mar 1, 2007

Well damn, if Exxon says its must be so..right?

“The risks to society and ecosystems from climate change could prove to be significant.”-these words came out of the piehole of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson. Jim Hightower has a short piece up on his website that takes Big Oil to task for not doing enough to develop alternative forms of energy.

The bottom line for Tillerson is of course his companies bottom line. He goes on to say there isn’t 100% agreement on what or who is causing global warming. The problem is..if we wait until we are 100% sure..we might be past the breaking point imho and the majority of the scientific community as well.

So after I thought perhaps that Exxon had seen the light, I was dissappointed to find that all he really was touting was MORE OIL exploration. He wants us to spend more money on finding oil than developing alternative fuel. Seems he is worried about damaging the ‘global economies’ more than anything else. Tillerson thinks that limiting carbon emission’s is a very bad thing.

I call bullshit on that one dude. Seriously..I do. Then, he really jerked my chain with this comment:

“The scale advantages of oil and natural gas across a broad array of applications provide economic value unmatched by any alternative,”

Well, you know..if we don’t put any effort into developing alternative fuels and engines that can run on those fuels..then Oil does look like the only game in town, doesn’t it?

Then the sumbitch called ethanol ‘moonshine’..I kid you not..he called it moonshine. I will be the first to admit that ethanol isn’t the answer to all our eco-woes..but for the love of god..its a start, and its easy to produce, although it is very expensive by way of the current methods of extracting it. It takes more energy to make ethanol than you derive from the process.

But that aside..its a readily available resource. We don’t have to dig and drill..we do not have to pollute the world to produce the product that creates might be expensive to produce, but it doesn’t ruin the ecosystem to plant some friggin corn and turn it into ethanol…right?

Sometimes..we have to pay more to get something that in the long run has more advantages than what we currently use. Its called looking at the BIG PICTURE.

So fuck you Rex Tillerson..I would like nothing more than seeing you jackass’s at Exxon go under because you judged the market wrong, because people would rather use ethanol than gas to run their vehicles. I really would me its far more important to clean up our air and provide fuels that do not damage our air and our ecosystem every time someone fires up the SUV, or the lawn mower. The final straw for me was this quote from an IHT article on the subject of Rex’s speechifying:

Tillerson said his company supported breakthrough research in cellulosic ethanol, which is made from grasses and wood chips, and he was clear about Exxon’s role. “There is really nothing I see Exxon can bring to this,” he said. “We don’t see a direct role for ourselves.”

So Rex is really looking out for his companies bottom line..not the needs of the environment or the people that need to get from point A to point B. Its all about corporate profits to him..he just gave a little lip service to the idea of fossel fuels contributing to the death of the ecosystem..thats all..nothing more and nothing less.

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