Mar 7, 2007

What a motley crew on Larry King last night

I did not watch it..but I have been reading the transcript of the show here. Larry had a boatload of guests on to discuss Scooter and Plamegate, including Joe Wilson himself. Joe was on first, then we got:

One of the Libby jurors Denis Collins, Scotty McClellan a BushCo mouthpiece who's very good at playing dumb btw, David Gergan who never impresses me, John Dickerson from Slate who called Ari Fleisher a freaking liar (loved it) and journalist Matt Cooper who testified at the Libby trial..oh..and Susan MacDougal..the women who went to jail for two years thanks to Ken Starr's obsession with Bill Clinton.

Quite the group eh? If your bored..or the transcript. Larry King isn't my cup of tea, but this gaggle of folks was a trip.

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased a domain name. I have been meticulously working on a new site,Leftwing Nutjob. Please change your bookmarks people..this puppy will no longer be updated as of July 1st 2011.