Apr 11, 2007

Army tours extended to 15 months in Iraq

It was coming, the only question was when:

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon will lengthen tours of duty for all active-duty Army units in Iraq to 15 months from the current 12 months as the military struggles to supply enough troops for the conflict, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

Gates announced the decision Wednesday afternoon, saying the policy was meant “to provide better clarity, predictability and sustainability” of the U.S. military readiness. The secretary said Iraq deployments would be for “not more than 15 months” and that soldiers will return home to home station “for not less than 12 months.”

Of course they have already broken the rule about being home for 12 months. This is all just lip service. It's horrible pathetic and shows the vulnerability of our military. Why don't the idiots in this administration see this?


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