May 19, 2007

When Big Business and the MSM love it, you know we are getting the shaft.

A quote from the Bill Moyers show last friday night on the new and improved "free trade agreement":

"Take a look at who embraced it: the media, the pundits, the elites - the heads of banks and of investment banks, and the leadership of the two parties. That's not the people. The people are sold this idea of free trade over and over again, as though it were good for them," explains MacArthur in his interview with Bill Moyers.

This is crap..pure unadulterated crap. The top Dem's sold out the people and we bitch about the Repub's?

According to Sirota's new blog post this evening, the Dem's are actually letting BushCo write the final bill. Watch the Moyers interview on this bullshit here with John R. MacArthur.

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