Jun 8, 2007

DoJs latest Document dump has some interesting finds

TPMmuckraker is a wonderful site. They actually comb through the hundreds of pages of emails, etc the Dept of Justice tosses at the various Senate and House committee's that are investigating all the bs and possible corruption going on. As they note in a post last night:

Leonard Leo the executive vice president of the Federalist Society offers then director of the Executive Office of the US Attorney his two cents in who would make a nice replacement for the US Attorney in San Diego. His suggestion was Mary Walker, who as McClatchy points out, has ties to the White House:

Walker led a Pentagon working group in 2003, which critics said helped provide the administration with a rationale to circumvent the international Geneva Conventions banning torture in the interrogations of terrorism suspects.

Leo’s recommendation is dated March 7, 2005, almost two years before Lam was fired, but just days before her name appeared on one of the firings lists.

There is also a good Goodling email apparently. Read their article for the 411.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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