Jun 29, 2007

Gonzales pushed death penalty over Prosecutors objections.

According to former USA Paul Charlton, in testimony before the Senate Judicial subcommittee, Abu Gonzales would insist on the death penalty in cases where he was unfamiliar with the evidence, or lack there of. He would also push it over the objections of the Prosecutor/USA handling the case.

How stupid is that? This man has no right running our countries highest legal office. From a Jurist writeup:

Charlton, one of the former US Attorneys involved in the current firings controversy, described a case where the Department of Justice simultaneously refused to exhume the body of an alleged victim from a landfill to provide forensic evidence while Gonzales pushed for the death penalty despite the objections of Carlton and his prosecutors due to the case's reliance on testimonial evidence obtained through guilty pleas. Charlton added that it was "wrong for the government to both seek the death penalty and at the same time refuse to provide funds to obtain evidence that could prove a vital link in supporting or negating its position."

Of course Abu Gonzales turned the tables on former USA Charlton, saying he disobeyed authority in one of his many trips to Congress to explain why he fired the 8 USA's.

In March, USA Today reported that Charlton was among the top 10 US Attorneys in terms of convictions secured.

Makes sense right? I say that with tongue firmly planted in my cheek, dear reader. Wotta asshole.

And people wonder why there are subpoenas out there for all this bullshit. Simply friggin amazing.

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