Jul 3, 2007

Bush refuses to rule out pardon for Scooter


WASHINGTON - The White House on Tuesday declined to rule out the possibility of an eventual pardon for former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. But spokesman Tony Snow said, for now, President Bush is satisfied with his decision to commute Libby's 2 1/2-year prison sentence.

"He thought any jail time was excessive. He did not see fit to have Scooter Libby taken to jail," Snow said.

Snow said that even with Bush's decision, Libby remains with a felony conviction on his record, two years' probation, a $250,000 fine and probable loss of his legal career. "This is hardly a slap on the wrist," Snow said.

Fuck you Tony Snowjob..twice even. Your a vile prick just like your boss. Since Scooter has a nice list of friends contributing to his 'defense fund' he won't pay the fine..THEY WILL!

So it is a slap on the wrist. Friggin lying bastards will play CYA until Bush is out of office. Meanwhile the Democrats just wring their hands and run their yaps. Impeach the Bastards!

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