Jul 11, 2007

Sara M. Taylor refused to testify today

The loyal Bushie kept the Congressional committee in the dark, like a proverbial mushroom. From WaPo on todays hearing:

Former White House aide Sara M. Taylor refused to testify today about White House discussions surrounding the firing of nine U.S. attorneys last year, but, treading carefully around a White House claim of executive privilege, did offer some details about the episode.

"The president has made the determination that the disclosure of this information would interfere with the operation of the executive branch," Taylor said as the committee hearing opened. "I intend to follow the president's instruction. I do not have the ability independently to assess or question the president's determination."

She added: "In light of the president's direction, I will answer faithfully those questions that are appropriate for a private citizen to answer while also doing my best to respect the president's directive that his staff's communications be privileged."

She works for the citizens of the United States first..Then BUSHCO! When will these neocon freaks figure it out? They have no shame in putting The Shrub before the rights of the citizenry to know what specious lies and criminal activity has taken place. They will do everything in their power to protect the most crooked President ever put into office.

Sick bastards and bitches all. Hitler couldn't of done his dirty work without all his loyal underlings..and neither can BUSH. These individuals are quitting like its a freaking contest and looking forward to continuing their careers in what? Lobbying is a real good guess I think. Congress needs to hold these fuckwits in contempt. They need to pull out all the damn stops and hammer this assholes with everything they can throw at them. Make them squirm for Christs sake! Also..Freddy Fielding can kiss my ass..he better get started its an all day job for that smarmy bag of batshit.

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