Jul 24, 2007

Schumer, Gonzo and the gang of 8

Chuck was the last man to question Alberto today. He asked direct yes or no questions of the man who heads our country's Justice Department. He asked about the meetings with the gang of 8. Schumer asked him direct yes or no questions regarding the clandestine meeting with a barely lucid John Ashcroft at the hospital.

Uncle Al side-stepped each and every friggin one of those direct questions. That's a surprise I know..Watch Specter and Leahy grill this bastard on YouTube Here.

Al tried to discredit Comey's previous testimony before the committee regarding the warrentless spying on Americans.

Simply put, Alberto Gonzales is a Shit-stain on the Department of Justice in these here United States.

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EDIT: Tomorrow morning at 7 freaking AM on the left coast..the House Jusdiciary committee will take up the matter of Contempt of Congress Citations on Cspan3..don't miss it!

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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