Aug 8, 2007

New Poll on the Candidates..out today.

Here is the page, and its dated today…but let me say a few words. First, there are more undecided’s on the right side of the aisle than on the left..or Republican vs Democratic if you will. Second..Al Gore is still polling higher than Edwards, Biden and Kucinich. I think the only candidate that speaks his mind regardless of political fallout is d for that reason the man will never get elected. If you watched the Democratic debate last night..I thought they all looked like pandering fools, especially Hillary. “I’m your girl”??? WTF is that shit? Obama giving a shout-out to the Bears? Come people actually vote based on NFL team affiliation? God help us if they the numbers:

Hillary Clinton 42%
Barack Obama 19%
Al Gore 18%
John Edwards 10%
Joe Biden 3%
Bill Richardson 3%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Unsure 4%
Other 1%

Now, the Rethugs:

Rudy Giuliani 30%
Fred Thompson 19%
John McCain 14%
Newt Gingrich 10%
Mitt Romney 6%
Mike Huckabee 2%
Ron Paul 2%
Tom Tancredo 1%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Sam Brownback 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Tommy Thompson 1%
Unsure 9%
Other 2%

Anyway..its a good research page, if nothing else..lots of options..check it out.

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