Aug 28, 2007

Voices from the Gulf....

Tomorrow is the day Katrina hit. Here is a new video that shows how very little has changed for the residents of the gulf coast and NOLA specifically. There are still tens of thousands that can't come home. 30,000 families are scattered across the country in FEMA apartments, 13,000 are in trailers, and hardly any of the 77,000 rental units destroyed in New Orleans have been rebuilt.

Sign the petition

Urge the United States Senate to pass Senator Dodd's Gulf Coast Recovery Bill of 2007 (S1668) to assist the Gulf Coast region in rebuilding the infrastructure lost after the Katrina and Rita disasters.

Passage of this bill is an important step towards returning the Gulf Coast residents to their homes.

These are good, hard-working people that our government has forgotten..

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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