Sep 5, 2007

FOIA notations removed from Government websites

Seems the Assholes running our federal government have removed every trace of information regarding the Freedom of Information Act from government websites recently.

This should piss off everyone..and I mean everyone, regardless of party affiliation. It seems our current administration doesn't want to provide information on how to use the Freedom of Information Act, also known as FOIA, and in fact is trying to keep citizens from accessing such information. From a RawStory article:

Sometime over the weekend, White House computer technicians removed from government Web sites any references to the Office of Administration or its previous compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests.

Where visitors once just found information about how to file public records requests or view annual reports on the Office of Administration's FOIA compliance, the White House has appended the following admonition:

"The Office of Administration, whose sole function is to advise and assist the President, and which has no substantial independent authority, is not subject to FOIA and related authorities. However, these pages have been maintained due to the Presidential Records Act."

Two other sites that previously listed the OA as subject to FOIA regulations have since been updated to reflect the opposite position, with similar stark denials of public accessibility at the top of each page.

George Orwell's book has come alive once again, thanks to the Bush Administration. What we don't know CAN hurt us.

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