Sep 10, 2007

Iraqi Poll: The surge isn't working for them either.

A poll has been done of the Iraqi’s pov regarding “The Surge”. This poll was administered by ABC News, the BBC and the Japanese broadcaster NHK. What they found was, according to the ABC News writeup, a ” deepening dissatisfaction with conditions in Iraq, lower ratings for the national government and growing rejection of the U.S. role there.”
Sounds a lot like the way a majority of Americans think about things..only we aren’t occupied by a foreign military. For the full poll and questions asked, click here. For those that just want the ‘lowlights’, here you go:

More Iraqis say security in their local area has gotten worse in the last six months than say it’s gotten better, 31 percent to 24 percent, with the rest reporting no change. Far more, six in 10, say security in the country overall has worsened since the surge began, while just one in 10 sees improvement. More directly assessing the surge itself — a measure that necessarily includes views of the United States, which are highly negative — 65 to 70 percent of Iraqis say it’s worsened rather than improved security, political stability and the pace of redevelopment alike.

Petraeus will regale us with his pov this morning at 9:30 am left coast time on CSPAN 3. You can also watch it live online here.

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