Sep 18, 2007

Quarterly report from Army contradicts Petraeus?

Petraeus thinks its all coming around..yet the Army's own quarterly report says otherwise. From WaPo:

Security is deteriorating in southern Iraq as rival Shiite militias vying for power have stepped up their attacks after moving out of Baghdad to avoid U.S.-led military operations, according to the latest quarterly Pentagon report on Iraq released yesterday.

"The security environment in southern Iraq took a notable turn for the worse in August" with the assassination of two governors, said the report, which covers June through August. "There may be retaliation and an increase in intra-Shi'a violence throughout the South," it said, whereas previously the violence was centered in the main southern city of Basra.

The US military is merely moving these guys around the countryside my dear reader. But keep spinning that bs General Betray Us..your doing a great job! It's the same bunch of terrorists, just a different part of the country...duh. A traveling show.

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