Sep 25, 2007

Von Spakovsky must not be confirmed..

As I wrote Monday, this guy is a bag of batshit and must not be confirmed. As this Slate article reminds's another of Bush's 'fox guarding the henhouse' scenarios. Von baby was another of Bush's recess appointments. Isn't that always the damn case? Of course it is..he does it because he knows the guy doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of being confirmed or he just wants his way and no damn lip about it..

With the Democrats giving the Decider just about everything he asks makes me wonder what Bush is afraid of? Seriously..the Dem's are his biggest allies lately..toss our rights under the bus in the Protect America Act bullshit..and giving the Jackass-in-Chief all the money he wants to run his miserable war. From the Slate article we get an idea of how dangerous this freak is:

Von Spakovsky currently sits on the FEC as a result of a recess appointment made by President Bush in January of 2006. Before that he served as counsel to the assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Division at Justice. Von Spakovsky's Senate confirmation hearing last June was noteworthy for many oddities, not the least of which was a letter sent to the rules committee by six former career professionals in the voting rights section of the Justice Department; folks who had worked under both Republican and Democratic administrations for a period that spanned 36 years. The letter urged the committee to reject von Spakovsky on the grounds that while at DoJ, he was one of the architects of a transformation in the voting rights section from its "historic mission to enforce the nation's civil rights laws without regard to politics, to pursuing an agenda which placed the highest priority on the partisan political goals of the political appointees who supervised the Section." The authors named him as the "point person for undermining the Civil Rights Division's mandate to protect voting rights."

Among his numerous accomplishments at the Voting Section at DoJ, von Spakovsky can take credit for approving the Tom DeLay-sponsored midcensus redistricting in Texas—part of which was later deemed by the Supreme Court to have violated the Voting Rights Act. (To do so, von Spakovsky overrode a 73-page memo written by seven voting-rights experts finding that the DeLay scheme violated the Voting Rights Act by reducing minority voting strength in Texas.) Von Spakovsky similarly pushed for approval of Georgia's restrictive voter-ID law, again over the four-to-one objection of staff lawyers who (in a 51-page memo this time) felt the new law would disenfranchise black voters. State and federal courts later found that statute unconstitutional.

So, if your of like surely don't want this jerkwad to run anything else in our federal government right? Call your reps and tell them to vote against confirming this piece of bat guano...its the least you can do to Protect America from the likes of more reactionary, evil and downright fucked up Rethuglicans.


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