Dec 29, 2007

Stop me if you have heard this one before..

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Al-Qaeda did it. Its all Al-Qaeda's fault. Every nasty, horrific thing that has transpired in the last 6 years is the fault of Al-Qaeda. This includes of course the killing of Benazir Bhutto.

Yeah right..

So why is it then that Robert Fisk draws many parallels today in his piece for the Independent that go directly to Musharraf? From Fisk's article:

It doesn't, after all, take much to comprehend that the hated elections looming over Musharraf would probably be postponed indefinitely if his principal political opponent happened to be liquidated before polling day. So let's run through this logic in the way that Inspector Ian Blair might have done in his policeman's notebook before he became the top cop in London.

Question: Who forced Benazir Bhutto to stay in London and tried to prevent her return to Pakistan? Answer: General Musharraf.

Question: Who ordered the arrest of thousands of Benazir's supporters this month? Answer: General Musharraf.

Question: Who placed Benazir under temporary house arrest this month? Answer: General Musharraf.

Question: Who declared martial law this month? Answer General Musharraf.

Question: who killed Benazir Bhutto?

Er. Yes. Well quite.

Tomorrows Independent has a good read up as well on this subject. Like, why didn't Bhutto's husband want an autopsy? In fact, according to the current Prime Minister of Pakistan..her husband insisted that there not be an autopsy. From Sunday's edition:

Suspicions over the complicity of Pervez Musharraf's government in the killing were fueled by its failure to order a postmortem, regardless of Mr Zardari's wishes, and the fact that the scene of the bombing was washed down with a high-pressure hose within an hour, removing potential forensic evidence. Under the criminal law of Pakistan, an autopsy should have been mandatory, according to a leading lawyer, Athar Minallah.

"It is absurd because without autopsy it is not possible to investigate," he said. "Is the state not interested in reaching the perpetrators of this heinous crime, or was there a cover-up?"

Christ, what a mess, what a coverup..what a freaking bunch of hooey.

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