Jan 11, 2008

Ron Paul, Americas Bigot-Redux

I am quite certain that the legions of Ron Paul followers aren't liking the latest TNR piece about him, nor any of the blogosphere's minions that are sounding the alarm about this man. I of course am one of those blogosphere minions that want it to be crystal clear;

Ron Paul is a Bigot and a Racist. That he would allow anyone to write and publish such disgusting diatribes under his name and masthead says volume's about the man and his beliefs.

The reason I bring this up again so soon after my own post about the newsletters is that I read a very interesting post today authored by someone that actually did ghostwriting for newsletters like Paul's and knows about which she speaks. The Orcinus is a blog that I have read in the past and I find it intelligently written, without an ounce of screaming nutjob attached...unlike moi who does have a bad habit of putting my personal pov into my rantings..and sometimes not enough fact. But back to Sara's piece on Ron Paul's newsletters..

The title of her post: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, was of course a play on Alice in Wonderland. It's quite long and perhaps some folks do not want to take the time to digest it all..so let me give you some of the highlights:

Back in the day (which corresponds closely to the heyday of The Ron Paul Survival Report), newsletter clients retained my services as a writer under a work-for-hire contract. That means that -- unlike other writing work, to which I retain all legal rights -- the client ordered me to produce work carefully-tailored to their own needs, bought that work outright, owned all rights to it, and put their own names on it. (That's what makes it ghosted. My name might have appeared in a masthead, or nowhere.) My job was to take their ideas, make them sound pretty, and organize the whole into a coherent, readable newsletter. Legally and ethically, it was just as though they'd produced the piece themselves.(emphasis mine)
If one of those clients stood up years later and insisted that no, they didn't say that -- "she put words in my mouth that I never knew about!" -- I'd be very very quick to point out that they bought it...and they own it. When they put their names over my words, they claimed full responsibility for them. Once their check cleared, it was theirs. They can't go around blaming me for any problems that might result, because they had full control and ownership from the get.

As Sara points out at the end of her article..Ron Paul can not have it both ways. He is either a man that approves of racism and bigotry that was written on his behalf and paid for by him..or he is just another bullshit politician "using "straight talk" to wow the crowds when it suits his purposes, but equally quick to tell lies to disassociate himself from decades of unsavory "straight talk" that now threatens to keep him off the national stage."

Ronnie can not have it both ways..nope. He is either a racist or a liar..and neither do I find comforting or allowable on the political stage of United States of America. A parting shot from the TNR article that also shows more of Paul's ass than he would like:

What's more, Paul's connections to extremism go beyond the newsletters. He has given extensive interviews to the magazine of the John Birch Society, and has frequently been a guest of Alex Jones, a radio host and perhaps the most famous conspiracy theorist in America. Jones–whose recent documentary, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, details the plans of George Pataki, David Rockefeller, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, among others, to exterminate most of humanity and develop themselves into "superhuman" computer hybrids able to "travel throughout the cosmos"–estimates that Paul has appeared on his radio program about 40 times over the past twelve years.

Ron Paul is a wingnut..plain and simply an extremist, racist wingnut. Alex Jones is a conspiracy guy that doesn't bother me as much as some folks. As for Ron Paul..Anyone that supports him must accept the fact that their go-to guy hates people of color and won't own up to it now that he is on the main political stage. Does that make his followers racists too? I hope not. I hope it just means they are uninformed as to what their candidate of choice actually stands for.

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