Feb 6, 2008

NAM files federal lawsuit to avoid new lobbying rules

Jesus, lets just say these guys want to treat us like mushrooms forever ok? To file suit in order to avoid full disclosure sure as hell says they are up to no good now..right?

From the CQ writeup:

The law, enacted last September, requires that trade associations such as NAM identify any other group that "participates actively" in its lobbying efforts. The manufacturer's lobby argues that the requirement is "vague, overbroad and burdensome."

"This pernicious law should be seen as a potentially lethal threat to trade associations," NAM President John Engler said in a prepared release.

Since when is telling the truth..and full disclosure, a lethal threat? Only when your doing something smarmy is my response to that bullshit excuse. The last section of the writeup is a real treat too:

In addition to identifying participant groups, the new law requires registered lobbyists to disclose organizations that contribute more than $5,000 in a quarter. They previously were required to report twice a year on organizations that contributed more than $10,000 in that period.

Our lobbying laws are far too relaxed as it is..and this new one will now probably get put on hold while this bullshit lawsuit goes through the snail's pace known as the Federal courts. Oh happy happy joy joy....God friggin forbid we shine a little bit of light into the beady little rat eyes of the lobbyists.

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