Mar 21, 2008

Body of War

Tonight's Bill Moyers Journal is devoted entirely to the documentary entitled Body of War. It was co-directed by Phil Donohue and Ellen Spiro. Its about the War in Iraq and one soldiers nightmare, Tomas Young, who was shot and paralyzed less than a week into his tour of duty. He is paralyzed from his nipples down. He is still coming back to life and he is now staunchly anti-war.

The clips shown from the movie on Bill Moyers Journal ripped my heart out. It took three years for this documentary to be completed. Ms. Spiro literally became part of the family, filming during all hours of the day and night to show what Tomas and his family deal with to bring him back from the hell created by George Bush's war in Iraq. Tomas found life again in becoming an anti-war activist. The irony of the family situation is this:

His step-father and brother are both still supporters of the war. Tomas and his mother are not. Tomas' brother is now in Iraq for his second tour of duty.

The documentary is slowly being released nationwide now. I am still emotionally affected by Tomas' story so this post won't go into much detail. I urge you to watch Bill Moyers Journal this weekend, you can find the broadcast time in your area here. The link to the movie website is above in the Title of the movie. The music was done by Eddie Vedder.

Its a moving, emotional Bill Moyers Journal..the movie clips were as well. Below is a YouTube clip of the movie.

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