Mar 12, 2008

Hillary apologizes finally for Ferraro flap.

She did it in her own special way of course.. and it was in front of 200 African-Americans at the National Newspaper Publishers Association. From AP:

Of Ferraro's comment, Hillary Clinton told her audience: "I certainly do repudiate it and I regret deeply that it was said. Obviously she doesn't speak for the campaign, she doesn't speak for any of my positions, and she has resigned from being a member of my very large finance committee."

She also apologized for Billy's comments in SC regarding Obama and Jesse Jackson. She was on a roll last night..apologizing her butt off for racial gaffs, saying there was nothing intentionally racist in any of the nasty..cough..racial..remarks.

It gives one pause to wonder..would she even bring up these statements if her audience was anything other than people of color. Her comments on unifying the party really made me bite a hole in my lip:

"Once one of us has the nomination there will be a great effort to unify the Democratic party and we will do so, because, remember I have a lot of supporters who have voted for me in very large numbers and I would expect them to support Senator Obama if he were the nominee," she said.

Sure Hillary..right..what-friggin-evah.

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