Mar 4, 2008

How did the Hispanic men with Ukrainian wives vote?

Well, the polls are starting to close. Vermont is in Obama's how much..they don't friggin know yet. The will pass the time telling us how every group voted however with their infernal exit polls.

On another note..the FCC wants to look into the 60 Minutes blackout in Alabama. Oooh..that's interesting no? From the writeup at Reuters via Truthout:

Washington - A U.S. Federal Communications Commission official is seeking an inquiry into the blacking out of a politically charged segment of the CBS News magazine "60 Minutes" by a local television station in Alabama.

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said he had asked the chairman of the FCC to open an inquiry into the February 24 incident at WHNT, a CBS affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama, in which civil rights footage from the 1960s was blacked out.

"The FCC now needs to find out if something analogous is going on here," Copps said at a luncheon with media watchdog groups. "Was this an attempt to suppress information on the public airwaves, or was it really just a technical problem?"

Copps is one of two Democratic appointees on the five-member FCC. The chairman of the agency, Kevin Martin, is a Republican.

Well, I doubt this will get far..the Rethugs chair the agency. Politicization at it's finest!

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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