May 29, 2008

About that Rules committee meeting this Saturday…

From Chuck Todd’s blog First Read on MSNBC:

A packet sent around to members of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee has some neutral opinions about the various challenges. One thing folks ought to not miss is the fact that the DNC rules had called for an automatic 50% delegate cut for states that violate the window. The Rules committee went beyond that — which was within its rights — and took away ALL of the delegates. Doesn’t this provide the blueprint for what’s likely to happen on Saturday — a reinstatement of 50% of the delegates in both states? In fact, if we’re interpreting this right, and if the Rules committee follows the letter of the law on this issue, they can’t reinstate 100% of the delegates because of the initial violation. For those following the FL/MI fight closely, realize that a Florida compromise seems to be fairly easy to come to; frameworks are being developed as you read. But Michigan is the real riddle. The biggest impediment there are those “uncommitted” delegates; If the Rules committee decides to accept the January primary results then it’s not clear, via the DNC charter, that it’s within the party’s rules to assign uncommitted delegates to Obama. Of course, as multiple members of the Rules committee told NBC News, there’s such a thing as “political will,” which could trump the DNC charter. Oh, the joys of what we’ll be watching on Saturday.

yep, Saturday, as Elton John once said…is alright for fighting. The DNC lawyers have told them to just seat the suckers but remove half their votes..sounds good to me dudes. But it ain't over until I scream at a cat for doing something wrong while I try to pay attention to this bullshittery come Saturday morning... ;)

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