May 12, 2008

One of McCain's hand-picked lobbyists resigns.

This one was chosen to run the GOP Convention. Doug Goodyear has resigned most likely because of a Newsweek article that comes out this week that shows his lobbying company works for the Myanmar Junta.

Thats a real winner for a client isn't it? Jaysus, lobbyists have no shame do they? The Newsweek article also rattles off some of the other big-name bags of batshit that Dougie's company represents:

Goodyear is CEO of DCI Group, a consulting firm that earned $3 million last year lobbying for ExxonMobil, General Motors and other clients.

DCI also represents those smarmy 527 swiftboating groups. McCain's staff is top heavy with lobbyists. Also from the Newsweek writeup:

Ironically, Goodyear was chosen for the post after the McCain campaign nixed another candidate, Paul Manafort, who runs a lobbying firm with McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis. The prospect of choosing Manafort created anxiety in the campaign because of his long history of representing controversial foreign clients, including Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. More recently, he served as chief political consultant to Viktor Yanukovich, the former Ukrainian prime minister who has been widely criticized for alleged corruption and for his close ties to Russia's Vladimir Putin - a potential embarrassment for McCain, who in 2007 called Putin a "totalitarian dictator." "The Ukrainian stuff was viewed as too much," says one McCain strategist, who asked not to be identified discussing the matter. Manafort did not return calls for comment.

tsk, tsk...I hope the Democratic nominee makes a big deal about all those friggin lobbyists. Scurrilous bastards that they are.

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