May 20, 2008

San Diego Mayor orders stop work to Blackwater

Blackwater attempted to hide from the County of San Diego when they applied for the permits to set up shop in Otay Mesa. Jerry Sanders has started an investigation into how Blackwater obtained their permits..

None of the three permits issued were in Blackwater's name. From the link above:

In the case of Blackwater, the company used the name of affiliate Southwest Law Enforcement when it first applied for a city permit. On the second permit application, SAF Child Investments -- the owner of the building -- is listed as the applicant. And the third permit names another Blackwater affiliate Raven Development.

Blackwater's mouthpiece, Brian Bonfiglio, denies the company's use of three different affiliate names was meant to deceive.

Give me an effin break..why else would they use other entities to secure the needed permits? Well, a real estate consultant states that its business as usual for corporations to do gives the parent company protection from lawsuits. The city attorney Mike Aguirre disagrees with that assessment saying:

Aguirre: You can't sneak in the back door and then make use of the general practices and procedures as a justification for doing something really in this particular situation may not be permissible."

Hope Blackwater gets shown the door again in San Diego County. It would warm the cockles of my little black heart don't ya know? :>)

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