Jun 8, 2008

Oh wtf is this shit?

Newsweek, that bastion of all that is right and good with journalism (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek) has an interview with Weathervane McCain up.

Allow me the pleasure of blasting that sad sack of old dog shit to hell and back ok?

So what's the strategy? How do you overcome those two things? Well, the strategy is the themes of reform, prosperity and peace, and I have the experience, background and a record and the kind of judgment to lead the country through extremely difficult times. There are threats to our economy that are incredibly serious—witness the unemployment numbers that just came out—and to our nation's security. I'm convinced that, using the kind of communications that won me the nomination of my party against significant odds, I will be able to gain the presidency as well. But I think it's got to do with substance, and it's got to do with a concrete plan of action for the future of the country.

First, reform? What reform has he actually offered other than a watered down version of the GI bill? Prosperity for whom Johnny? You were against the BushCo tax cuts for the top one percenters before you came out this silly season for them. You also voted against the minimum wage hike, any aid for NOLA and since you have voted with your party over 88% of the time, how exactly is that change jackass?? Not to mention your tired ol ass has missed Sixy-friggin-percent of the votes this session.

Having Phil 'the fuckwit' Gramm has your economy guru doesn't bode well for the average American either Johnny. Can you say Enron? Gramm had a love for Enron so deep, he passed bills to protect them and his own wife was on their board. Gramm has never seen a corporation he didn't like..average Americans? Not so much..

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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