Jul 1, 2008

Another patient left to die..in a hospital emergency room.

The event in the video is in NY, but it could be Los Angeles or any other city in our nation. As painful as it might be, people should watch the security tape of this woman's dying. Count the number of employees that looked at her on the floor...and then walked away.

This is shameful and disgusting on every level. Like the bullshit that happened at King-Harbor in L.A. a year ago..it shows how negligent our ER rooms have become. It shows how callous people are in this nation.

They are overloaded with patients..I know, but to let someone die on the floor is criminal. The King-Harbor episode last year was almost exactly the same..a patient writhing around on the floor while people walked by and did nothing. At least other patients tried to help Ms. Rodriguez in the L.A. incident..calling 911 while in the ER and being blown off as well.

This is what our nation has become. Choke on it, because I did. I gasped for breath as I watched the video below..and silently prayed that I was thankful it wasn't me. A "Moral and Human Breakdown" the incident in L.A. was called..well no shit sherlock. But no one went to jail over it..and they should of...in both of these incidents.

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