Jul 8, 2008

Iraqi government wants a timetable..nothing less.

oh yeah..how is BushCo going to deal with this? He said it yesterday..another Iraqi official said the same damn thing today. The top Iraqi security adviser said the same fucking thing today:

Iraq will not accept any security agreement with the United States unless it includes dates for the withdrawal of foreign forces, the government's national security adviser said on Tuesday.

McCain is scrambling for a response to this..seriously..the old bag of batshit had this to say today:

McCain was silent on the comments Monday. But today, his top foreign policy adviser declined to criticize Maliki or distance McCain from him. And they sought to portray Maliki's comments as consistent with the Republican nominee's long-standing position.

"Senator McCain has always said that conditions on the ground -- including the security threats posed by extremists and terrorists, and the ability of Iraqi forces to meet those threats -- would be key determinants in U.S. force levels," said adviser Randy Scheunemann, who criticized Sen. Barack Obama's "constantly shifting positions" on Iraq.

More bullshit and bravado from the reichwing nutjobs people..sick bastards.

Today's Photo..er..Graphic..ok, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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