Jul 31, 2008

McCain's $520 Italian leather loafers..

You rightwing nutjobs want to bitch about a $400 haircut? Give me an effin break you sumbitches, not when McCain has multiple homes, wears nothing but Armani, has free use of his wife's private jet or something called a Black Centurion American Express card. From Steve Benen via C&L:

Put it this way — if Barack Obama paid $520 for a pair of Italian loafers, every voter in America would know about it. Every media outlet would report it and every Republican would talk about it.

I’m reminded, of course, of John Edwards’ $400 haircuts. Last year, that story was everywhere, with the Washington Post writing multiple articles about it. “How could Edwards relate to regular folks if he has that kind of lifestyle?” the media asked, over and over again.

Indeed, the media seems to go to great lengths to look for evidence to bolster the far-right meme that Obama is some kind of outsider. From bowling to orange juice to arugula, reporters love to characterize Obama as something less than a “real” American.

Well, McCain has a half-dozen homes and spends on shoes what some families spend on rent. All the while, he advocates more tax cuts for millionaires, opposes increases to the minimum wage, and tells Americans their economic problems are in their heads.

Which candidate is outside the American mainstream?

If anyone has any question as to whom McCain has allegiance...get a fucking grip jackass..its the upper one percent..nothing or no one else matters to this old bag of batshit..count on it..just like he voted against raising the minimum wage..for starters.

And furthermore..you know what made McCain's footwear fair game? When the fucking assholes in the media went batshit-crazy about Edwards haircut. That is what makes this fuckwittery a fair attack. No one..and I mean NO ONE other than Mitt-fucking-Romney (another Republican) has the kind of 'extras' that John and Cindy McCain do..you can bet your sweet ass on that one. Even Hillary and Bill aren't styling like the fucking McCains.

So the next time that ol mutha fucka tells you: My friends, I feel your pain..you need to throwup on the sumbitch and call him a fucking liar..because that is exactly what he is.

So, what does McCain's minions go off about today? Obama using the 'race' card..sweet jesus in a speedo..give me an effin break.

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