Aug 16, 2008

Lawsuit filed against Gonzales and DOJ

From ABC via TO. The suit was filed by six individuals that were denied employment. The lawsuit states they were denied employment due to the politicization of the DOJ.

No...really? Who would of thunk it? From the article:

Six attorneys rejected from civil service positions at the Justice Department filed a lawsuit on Friday against former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and three other top officials for allegedly violating their rights by taking politics into consideration in the hiring process.

The suit is an attempt to hold top officials accountable for the hiring scandal that ultimately led to Gonzales' resignation last year, said Daniel Metcalfe, the attorney for the plaintiffs who is also executive director of its Collaboration on Government Secrecy at American University's Washington College of Law.

I hope they clean the DOJ's clock so to speak...receiving a huge amount of money for the wrongs done to them. I know its our tax money they will be getting..but hell, BushCo spends it on the war, tax breaks for the top one percent and all the other horseshit..might as well see some decent folk get some of it.

Besides Alberto Gonzales, the suit includes: Monica Goodling, former White House Liaison; Michael Elston, former chief of staff to then-Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty; and Esther McDonald, former counsel to Gonzales.

What a fine group of fucktards there eh? Since Mukasey's dumbass said recently he will not be going after any of these idiots..this will be the only comeuppance they will get if the verdict goes against the DOJ.

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