Aug 9, 2008

WaPo admits Milbank screwed up on Obama quote.

They will not however, issue a written retraction. From Consortium News:

Post ombudsman Deborah Howell also acknowledges that neither Post reporter who relied on the misleading quote spoke directly with the source, checked out its accuracy, or made any independent effort to determine the context of the remark, which was made to a closed Democratic caucus meeting on Capitol Hill on July 29.

In her column, “The Anger Over an Obama Quote,” Howell adds that she has been contacted by about 160 people, including congressional officials, who said the Post twisted the meaning of the quote by taking it out of context. But the newspaper still refuses to run a full-scale correction or a clarification or even print a letter protesting the distortion.

Fuckers...Nothing burns my ass more than attributions that are sent around the globe only to be blatantly WRONG.

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