Sep 5, 2008

Over 800 arrested during the RNC in St Paul this week.

This total also includes numerous media personnel like Amy Goodman, Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films and Democracy Now! producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous who was also arrested earlier in the week while covering one of the numerous protests and rally's.

Not all protesters arrested were violent or anarchists, don't let the mutha fuckas in the St Paul law enforcement community fool you. From a St. Paul media outlet regarding the final night of the convention:

Among those arrested were two Associated Press reporters covering the event. They were issued a citation and detained, along with a KARE-11 TV photographer and more than a dozen other members of the media. All were released later in the evening.

Amy Goodman and her producer and assistant are still being 'processed' as protesters, even though they have press credentials. They have been released from jail.

Funny how that works for the progressive press ain't it?

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