Sep 25, 2008

Protest against the Bailout in NYC..with pictures!

First, as of today, Weathervane McCain had NOT read the bailout plan he now says he doesn’t support. Its all of two and a half pages!

Next Jeremy Scahill has the photos below up on Alternet of todays protest held on Wall Street.

CNN has the following article up about todays protests:

The public backlash against the Bush administration’s proposal to use tax dollars to bailout Wall Street spilled into the streets Thursday.

“People all over the country are up in arms about this,” said David Elliot, a spokesman for grassroots advocacy group UsAction. “Our members are livid, and they’re hitting the streets.”, an online forum for activists, said its members had organized 251 events in more than 41 states to protest the bailout.

Several other grassroots organizations were involved in the protests, including Democracy for America, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Acorn) and labor unions.

A rally organized by the New York Central Labor Council took place this afternoon on Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange. That was followed by a more informal protest that began to take shape on Wall Street shortly after the financial markets closed.

I love a good protest. ;) Hat tip to Betmo for the 411 on the Wall Street rally/protest.

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