Oct 2, 2008

Ted Stevens trial might be tossed out. DOJ screwup

Is the fix in? I believe so...or the governments lawyers are retarded. From TPM:

A judge suspended the trial of Sen. Ted Stevens today, while he considers the request of the defense for a mistrial.

The defense's motion stems from the prosecutions' failure to turn over FBI reports of interviews with their star witness, former VECO CEO Bill Allen, until late Wednesday night. Stevens' attorneys claimed the prosecutors were withholding evidence that would help the defense.

From the AP:

Judge Emmet Sullivan lashed out at prosecutors, asking them, "Why shouldn't I dismiss the indictment?" He then ordered a recess.

Prosecutors said it was an honest mistake when they waited until late Wednesday night to turn over FBI reports about interviews with the government's star witness, oil pipeline contractor Bill Allen.

Honest mistake my ass....

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