Nov 6, 2008

Two positions filled on Obama's WH staff

Rahm Emanuel and Robert Gibbs have accepted positions in President Obama's White House staff. From Politico:
Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), a wily, aggressive West Wing strategist under President Bill Clinton, has accepted the post of White House chief of staff for President-elect Barack Obama, Democratic officials tell Politico.

The selection is the first major public decision by Obama since he was elected in a landslide on Tuesday.

The announcement will send a signal that Obama is eager to work with Congress, and plans a swift launch of an aggressive agenda that will focus on the economy, taxes, energy, education and health care.

Obama plans to move briskly with his transition announcements and has also decided on longtime aide Robert Gibbs as his White House press secretary. Democratic sources say he also could make quick decisions on his economic and national security teams.

I find it curious that Emanuel would give up on his desire to become House Speaker. He will also have to move his family out of Chicago with this new job. Emanuel is actually two years older than Obama. Emanuel was one of the architects of the 2006 Congressional races that saw the Dem's win a majority in both the House and the Senate.

Oregon's Jeff Merkley has been called as the winner in Oregon....oh happy days! ;)

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