Dec 15, 2008

A day like any other? Not hardly..

I got this from my son. Such a sweet boy isn't he? Love his humor, he got it from me ya know. He loves to remind me when I turn another year older, the lil fucker.

Sadly he is having to move from Cali to friggin Oklahoma in order to work his trade as a plumber.

I am sad about it...sick about it and very pissed off about it. My only child has to move hundreds of miles and 6 states away just to get work.

He leaves 5 days before Christmas. It's going to be a quiet and reflective day for me this year..hell, I don't even know if I will cook. He will be towing his fifth wheel there. The kid has NO idea how fucking cold it is there..that trailer will suck to live in when the temps are below zero. His kitteh won't like it either.

All I want today is to hear he found a job in Cali. :( But I know it won't happen as he has been out of work for over 9 months.
Do NOT make fun of my plaid chair! It was here when I married my husband and he refuses to get rid of it. The pit is my beloved Baby, who is no longer with us. The man-child in the photo is Brian, my son, who I am going to miss really really really fucking bad.

The beer bottle collection is my son's btw.

Tomorrow the Ball n' Chain and I leave for three days in Vegas, that's assuming we can get over the mountains. It's snowing there like hell today. I hate Vegas but he loves it and this time of the year it's cheaper than hell. I just drink too much and take in a musical act or place I go has a blues night, which I love.

I will blog from Vegas. ;)

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased a domain name. I have been meticulously working on a new site,Leftwing Nutjob. Please change your bookmarks people..this puppy will no longer be updated as of July 1st 2011.