Feb 6, 2009

598k worth of jobs lost in January

Unemployment is almost at 8% nationally, give or take a few hundred thousand unemployed workers. Some states and regions...like mine, are already into double digit unemployment. 3.6 million Americans are unemployed by government standards...which are usually way off the mark as it is.

Yet the friggin Rethugs and the Blue Dogs keep pissing into the wind on a stimulus package.

They had the audacity to offer a package of nothing but tax cuts...which haven't worked and won't work according to any economist worth his degree.

Paul Krugman has a good read up this morning. He, of course, is a recent Nobel Prize winner of Economics.

Krugman states that the abyss is near and the damn neocons do nothing but fiddle, play fuck-around and demand cuts to Obama's stimulus plan whilst not offering a fucking thing that has worked so far in their plan.

Where were those bastards the last eight years? They never saw a BushCo bill they didn't like, they created a deficit of a trillion dollars and NOW they get religion?

Give me an effin break. It's all political fuckery and nothing more from the right side of the aisle and the Blue Dog Dems. Assholes and drama queens like Lindsey Graham make me physically ill...

Robert Reich says many of the same things as Krugman on his blog here. Tax cuts won't cut it this time folks.

So why are the Rethugs and Blue Dogs so hung up on them? Are they suicidal or just stupid?

They are playing politics with our lives those sumbitches.

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