Apr 1, 2009

“justice delayed is justice denied.” - Or so sayeth Holder.

And to that end, Eric Holder will not be investigating 'war crimes' committed by Bush and his administration.

I shit you not. Jonathan Turley says so here. I will snip the important part:
In a major decision, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that he has found that the Justice Department has acted improperly in barring any criminal investigation of well-documented war crimes committed by the Bush Administration in the torture program. To punish the failure of the Department to act in a timely fashion, he has announced that no criminal charges will be pursued regarding torture to teach prosecutors a lesson that “justice delayed is justice denied.”

On April 1, 2009, Holder held a press conference in which he was angry over the failure over Acting Associate Attorney General Daniel Marcus and Lanny Breuer, head of the Criminal Division, to even investigate the commission of war crimes despite a public record of the crime.

I am flummoxed folks. What.A.Bunch.Of.Horseshit.

Video when available.

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