May 11, 2009

US soldier guns down 4 other soldiers in Iraq

He then turned the gun on himself. From MSNBC:
NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported the assailant took his own life after the violent outburst. The attacker was described as a "stressed out" U.S. soldier.

The military said in a statement that the shooting occurred about 2 p.m. Monday at Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport.

Wonder how many tours he has done in Iraq? Bet it's more than one.

Update: The NYT has updated this incident:
The United States military said Monday that five American soldiers had been shot to death by a fellow soldier who opened fire on them at one of the biggest American bases in Baghdad, and that the suspected shooter was in custody.

CNN, citing unnamed officials, said that at least three others were wounded in the attack, which it said had taken place at a clinic for soldiers suffering from war stress.

Anyway to look at this, it's a horrible result of the war in Iraq and multiple tours.

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