Jun 2, 2009

Nevada assembly overrides Governors veto of same sex unions.

From Jurist:
The Nevada Assembly on Sunday approved a same-sex partnership law, overriding the governor's veto by a 28-14 vote [roll call vote]. The measure, passed in the state senate a day earlier by the requisite two-thirds vote, seeks to give same-sex partners the same rights, protections, and benefits as are given to spouses. The rights afforded to domestic partners include property rights, mutual responsibility for debts, rights with respect to children, and the right to seek financial support if the partnership ends. While the legislation specifies that a legal union under the law does not constitute a marriage under the Nevada Constitution [text], the law provides legal protection for same-sex marriages or unions from other states. Governor Jim Gibbons vetoed the bill on the grounds that the voters of Nevada previously passed a constitutional amendment specifying that the rights of marriage should only apply to married couples, reasoning that only the voters should determine if domestic partners are granted such rights. Gibbons also reasoned that the privileges sought by the bill could be achieved with private contracts.

Some good news on the equality front...or is it just separate but equal?

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