Aug 18, 2009

Glenn Beck losing advertisers by the bundle.

From Market Watch, which btw, is owned by Rupert Murdoch:
Among the advertisers to pull spots from the popular cable talk show are Geico, owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway ; Procter & Gamble ; Sargento Cheese; and Progressive Insurance , according to the companies and Color of Change, one group that is organizing a campaign against the program.

I am on Color of Change's mailing list. I joined the fray last week, but figured nothing would come of it.

Sadly, some of the advertisers don't have the balls to yank the ads completely from Faux News, so they aren't technically losing the revenue. From Market Watch:
For its part, Fox News said through a spokeswoman that while some advertisers have "removed their spots from Beck," they have just shifted to "other programs on the network, so there has been no revenue lost."
If Color of Change keeps up the pressure, or Beck keeps preaching more insane bullshit, perhaps more of these advertisers will see the light.

We can hope. Right? Meanwhile, the rightwing nutters have started a campaign to support Beck, according to TVNewser:
Meanwhile, in a counter to the campaign, a Support Glenn Beck site has been set up asking fans, "to show your support for Glenn Beck" by contacting the companies. The site also lists the names and phone numbers of the CEOs.

And on his show last night, Stephen Colbert brought up the ad issue: "In the case of Geico, it's especially hurtful because that stack of money with googly eyes is Glenn's producer."
So, get onboard Color of Change's attempt to silence the crazed, hateful idiot if you are so inclined. The First Amendment is fine, but lies and obfuscation are bullshit and should not be protected speech.

Watch Steven Colbert fuck with Glenn here on my video page..worth the trip! ;)

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