Aug 14, 2009

Michael Vick's news conference

It was hard to see Vick out of prison clothes and in a very expensive suit. It was hard because I still can not fathom how he would risk it all for something so heinous on it's face.

His culture he said..his culture thought Dog Fighting was ok.

That is a true statement. I live in a downtrodden part of Bako, and I see the phony machismo every day. But I digress...

He said he was sorry ten different ways and times. He was humble as hell. He plans to be involved he helping dogs not hurting them.

I felt myself relax every so slightly when he talked about righting the wrongs he has done to dogs, and animals in general.

Did he mean it? It's not for me to say, I can not see into his soul.

Tony Dungy, prospective Hall of Fame coach and good Christian thinks he means it. Dungy talked at length about Vick and his sessions with him.

Andy Reid thinks he means it as does Donovan McNabb. McNabb is the QB that I try to draft every year in fantasy football. I admire the shit out of his abilities.

Reid is a coach I respect and who has gone through his own personal hell with two worthless, drug-dealing sons. It was all very public and very ugly. He knows the pain of public scrutiny of one's personal life.

I will never think of Vick as a good person..a great football player, perhaps...but never a good person. I can not get past what he allowed to be done, I can not get past that he funded those bastards.

But I will try to keep my anger under control. His actions will speak louder than his words today. So I will wait and see on Mikey.

Forgiveness is a good thing if someone is sincere. It's just damn fucking hard to do.

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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