Sep 23, 2009

Does this outfit make me look dumb and ineffective?

The Big O™ is now giving up on his position that Israel should cease building more homes and settlements on Palestinian land, asking both sides to come back to the table and discuss.

Yeah right jackass, like that is going to change anything Israel does regarding the Palestinian’s right to live and exist like humans on their own land.

The NYT sums up The Big O’s new position this way:

Rather, Mr. Obama, unable to extract that concession from Israel or other confidence-building moves from Arab states, seems intent to press Palestinians and Israelis to negotiate all the difficult issues between them toward a final deal that has eluded negotiators, and bedeviled American presidents, since President Jimmy Carter brokered a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979.

The pivot toward tackling issues that include the status of Jerusalem, the fate of Palestinian refugees and the borders of a future Palestinian state greatly increases the stakes for an administration that has found even small advances to be beyond reach. It also risks making Mr. Obama appear ineffective in having not gained a tangible early goal of his Middle East policy.

The last sentence really chaps my ass as it’s so friggin obvious to me. Ineffective, thy name is Barack Obama.

Obama has changed his ‘position’ so many times on so many issues he and we should all have a nasty friggin case of whiplash at this point. In fact, I am hardpressed to name one thing The Big O has steadfastly maintained his position on since we the people elected him last November.

Oh wait..I got one!


If you, m’dear reader, have another, please by all means..leave it in the comment section ok? I would love to have something positive to cheer about these days.

In the meantime, enjoy Will Ferrel’s new Funny or Die video on health insurance reform.

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