Oct 20, 2009

Lizard Cheney doesn't have the chops to debate Maddow.

She evidently only goes on shows that support her pov or have weak hosts that can't or won't call her on the fuckery and lies she spews. From ThinkProgress:
Liz Cheney probably won’t be appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight, either. After Maddow dared Cheney to come on and “debate the issues” with her (something that Cheney is attacking MSNBC for failing to do), the former Vice President’s daughter has instead chosen to appear in a much friendlier setting. According to a Fox News email, Liz will be a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show tonight at 9 pm ET (the same time that Maddow’s show airs on MSNBC) to discuss why Obama’s “‘radical’ policies are placing us all at risk”.
Just like her daddy, she is a putz that can't handle true debate. When someone can actually counter her bullshit, Lizard Cheney refuses to show up and support the crap she spews..like the true bat o' batshit that she is. Like father, like daughter. Below is a piece of Rachel’s show. Part of the transcript from last nights show, again courtesy of Think Progress:
MADDOW: Our booking producers have been calling Liz Cheney and asking her to come on this show and discuss her ideas, debate the issues for months. We have called her many, many, many times – including twice on Friday. So far, she has declined every single invitation that we have extended.
And I understand – a lot of people say no to being on this show. But not a lot of them do so while claiming that MSNBC is afraid to debate them. Be not afraid, Ms. Cheney. I promise I will not bite.

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