Nov 23, 2009

DOJ drops charges against Blackwater employee

I guess those 17 dead Iraqi's don't count for much in the grand scheme of things for the Dept of Justice. Or they just have more important shit to do. From Jurist:
Federal prosecutors from the US Department of Justice indicated Friday that they will drop manslaughter charges against a Blackwater Worldwide security guard who had been involved in the September 2007 shooting incident in Baghdad that killed 17 Iraqis. According to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Channing Phillips, a motion was filed under seal to dismiss the charges against Nicholas Slatten. No reason was given as to why the indictment was being dismissed, but prosecutors asked that they be allowed to resubmit the charges at a later date if desired. Since the incident Blackwater has changed its name to Xe Services.
Eric Holder and his folks at the DOJ really haven't impressed me one fucking iota since he took over. They have continued many of the BushCo arguments about secrecy just for starters, and nothing jerks my chain more than seeing BushCo bullshit being continued by the current administration after all the promises that were made during the run-up to the 2008 election.

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