Dec 15, 2009

Holy Joe-America's biggest douche nozzle.

come-up-pance-[kuhm-uhp-uhns] –noun Informal.Deserved reward or just deserts, usually unpleasant.

Usually unpleasant? How about deservedly unpleasant? There are very few people whom I detest as badly as Mrs. LIEberman's fuckwitted son Joey.

Like child molesters and meth dealers. Joey L is in that crowd. Oh yes he is.

And running a close second to Joey L is the leadership of the Democratic Party. Those assholes really chap my ass.

First, they have no balls. Second they lie like a fucking rug and smile whilst doing it. And third....they are no different than Rethugs when it comes to representing their constituents....meaning they don't represent them..they represent the Corporatocracy.

The Democrats are willing to toss us all under the fucking bus when it comes to healthcare reform.

And they deserve a slow, painful death for that. And Joey is a lying sack of sheep shit to boot. Read this piece on First Read this fine but friggin cold morning:
There’s now growing evidence that Lieberman’s objection to the Medicare “buy-in” compromise isn’t necessarily based on principle. Yesterday, a video from this past September made the rounds that showed Lieberman clearly stating he supports expanding Medicare to those in their 50s. In addition, while Lieberman has been a hawk on national security issues, he’s been a consistent liberal on economic ones. According to National Journal’s vote ratings for 2008, he was MORE LIBERAL than 68% of the Senate on economic issues, putting him squarely in the Democratic mainstream. (By comparison, he was more liberal than just 38% of the chamber on foreign affairs, placing him to the right of the Dem caucus.) In 2007, he was more liberal than 72% of the Senate on the economy, and his ratings for 2005 and 2006 were similar. Bottom line: It appears Lieberman is acting a bit out of character on this issue, given his history of being a rank-and-file Democrat (leaning liberal/progressive) on domestic issues. This is why the charge of playing politics with the left is looking so believable to some.
Fucking douche nozzle extraordinare. Below is the video referenced in the First Read writeup.

Flip flop much Joey?

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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