Jan 5, 2010

Grayson slaps The Big Dick Cheney™ around.

Thanks to Critter's crap for posting this gem.  I so adore Alan Grayson!!!! From TPM:
Appearing just now on the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) said that former Vice President Dick Cheney's attacks against President Obama are just a ploy to increase Cheney's book sales -- and rhetorically asked whether the Devil himself had a hand in the book.

"You know, honestly I think he's just trying to prime his book tour, his upcoming book tour," said Grayson. "He got $2 million to write about his memories, and he's trying to stay in the public eye in order to push sales for his book. That's what I think."

"I'm wondering, though, who's doing the introduction to his book? Is it Mephistopheles? I don't know -- maybe it's Satan."
Grayson also responded to the frequent Republican attacks against him: "I am attacked by them all the time. But as Franklin Roosevelt said, I welcome their hatred."

Cheney has been a frequent target of the fiery liberal Grayson's jibes. Grayson has told Cheney to "STFU," and has also imagined Cheney as a vampire with blood dripping from his teeth, who turns into a bat and flies away after he finishes speaking his attacks against Obama.
WooT! Speak da truth Brotha Grayson!

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