Mar 24, 2010

Oh wtf is this crap?

It's almost mind-boggling how ignorant the extreme rightwing nutters are. 

I said almost. All these fuckwits have to fall back on is threatening violence and hurling racial and/or homophobic or gender-based epithets. How friggin pathetic is that?

I hope to hell the intelligent, centrist voter has had enough of this horseshit. It's only going to get worse and the corporate media will continue to keep it in the news...this is a good thing of course.  Keep these fucking idiots front and center until November. Rachel's take below:

The FBI is going to be very busy, if they aren't already. These homegrown fuckwits have a very itchy, collective trigger finger. The violence has begun with the bricks through the windows of elected officials. The calls to violence are ringing loud with the help of Palin, Limpballs and Beck.

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased a domain name. I have been meticulously working on a new site,Leftwing Nutjob. Please change your bookmarks people..this puppy will no longer be updated as of July 1st 2011.