Sep 13, 2010

Koch bros fund the Tea Partys? Is this supposed to be news?

From The New Yorker,  CNN via C&L, another shot at showing people that the teabaggers are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers who have given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes.:

CNN has finally, even belatedly, with the publication of Jane Mayer's background piece in The New Yorker (COVERT OPERATIONS: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama) begun to acknowledge that the so-called "grassroots" Tea Party has some powerful and extremely wealthy backers (or as Matt Kibbe puts it, "patrons").

Now, as a background piece, a 7-minute interview on weekend CNN isn't going to be highly informative, and this is not Rachel Maddow or 60 Minutes. But it's still worthwhile getting out there who really pulls the strings in American politics and who are the willing dupes. The Kochs will spend $45 million for the coming midterms alone, funneling the cash through such organizations as Americans for Prosperity. They have also given the Republican Governor's Association (RGA) another million, joining FOX News in that dubious distinction. In short, they are the ultimate power players within Republican ranks.

Read the Jane Mayer 10-page article online here.
That name, Koch,  should be on the lips of every liberal when discussing the astroturfing assholes known as Tea Partiers. The Koch's are evil incarnate and a big part of the whole founding members of the rightwing nutter university group.  They buy everyone and everything in their path and with nuts like Dick Armey, these fuckers can pull it off.

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